In terms of personal training, the core is the center of the human body.  It involves the spine, the pelvis, the hip joint, and about 30 muscles attached to these anatomical structures.  The core provides the mechanism for stabilization and movement of the body.

A strong core improves day-to-day functional performance.  Core training increases strength and power and enhances athletic performance.

How does TrainHardCore differ from other providers of personal training?   Your workout will be designed specifically for you.  As your skill increases, your workouts will progress from stabilization to strength to power.  Your body will be placed in an unstable but safe environment through the use of gym equipment and workout techniques designed for core activation and strengthening.

These techniques are endorsed and encouraged by the leading organization in the health and fitness industry, the National Academy of Sports Medicine ( 

When you train with TrainHardCore, you’re not simply working towards that six-pack that everybody wants.  You’re also reducing your risk of injury during daily activities and working towards a better life.
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