What to expect

You decide where your training sessions will take place. Workout in your home, at your own private gym, or at Atlanta's Gravity Fitness, conveniently located in the Cheshire area and catering to the needs of the independent personal trainer (for more info, visit www.gravityfitnessatl.com).

Your introductory session is complementary with no obligation to purchase!  During this first meeting, the five components of fitness will be explained in detail as a synergistic unit.  Wear shorts and a t-shirt or athletic top because you will be taken through a light workout involving an explanation of how to activate your core. 

Some valuable data will also be collected on this day!   A bodyfat composition analysis will be given to better define your individual goal and a time frame for achieving it.  Target heart rate for cardiovascular conditioning will be calculated.  Body weight and circumference measurements will also be recorded as a beginning point for future reference.  All of this data will be taken again at the first of every month so that you can chart your progress.  With your permission, we’ll even take a “before” photo!  We’ll take another photo once you reach your goal, whether it be bodyfat loss, muscle gain, or sports performance enhancement.

Once you sign up for training, you’ll be given at no extra charge a food scale, pocket nutrient counter, meal templates, and a sample menu to get going right away with the nutrition-counseling portion of the training.   You’ll also be given a TrainHardCore T-Shirt!