Chad M Chad M “I had been working out for years but never could get my abs to pop out.  I asked Brant to help me specifically for that reason.  Thirty minutes each workout, three days per week, we focused on proper core training.  Now I have the mid-section I want, and I’m in cover-model shape.”  --Chad M., Fitness Model and Actor  

Ali Harris ”As an athlete throughout high school and college, I thought I had done every exercise possible- until I started training with Brant. He incorporates so many new variations of the "old" exercises and continues to show me a variety of new ones so that there is never a dull moment during our 6 AM sessions. I loved that he also took the time to listen to what my fitness goals were before our first session and then tailored the workouts accordingly.  His energy, enthusiasm, and extensive knowledge of health and fitness definitely make getting up at 5 AM worth it! I would recommend Brant to anyone looking to get to the next level of fitness.” --Ali H., Pharmaceutical Sales

Mark “Brant has been my trainer for nearly two years. During this period and thanks to him, I have nearly reached all of my physical goals  – weight loss, toning, building muscle, and core strengthening. Brant has the perfect temperament for being a trainer – he is enthusiastic, supportive, goal-oriented, and inspiring. He will push you to your limits if that’s where you would like to go, but he is also sympathetic and understanding during those times that you are not up to it. He is extremely professional, always on time with a smile on his face, always with a very pleasant disposition, even if it is obvious that you do not want to be there that day.

I have had many trainers over my lifetime, and it is important to find the right match.  For me, Brant is the guy. He completely focuses on you for the entire hour, not talking on his phone or to other trainers or clients, the way some trainers do. And if you wake up feeling sick that day, he will do his best to let you make up that session later in the week. This is a policy that is unheard-of with other trainers. If you are on the fence about starting with a trainer or in particular with Brant, I encourage you to give him a try. He totally knows what he is doing, and genuinely cares about your well-being.” -- Mark C., Business Owner, West Hollywood Optometric Center

Jodie M. completed the LifeCycle Ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  He signed on with TrainHardCore to prepare for the event, which demanded cycling 585 miles over 7 days.  He and 1,800 other cyclists raised a record 8 million dollars towards a cure for AIDS.

Jodie M“Since living in L.A., I’ve worked out with over half a dozen trainers. Brant has surpassed all of them in every area of body sculpting and strength training.  He truly loves what he does.  His enthusiasm, certified training, and attention to details (such as my diet and most specifically his focus on core training) have taken my body and athletic abilities to levels I only dreamed of before.  Due to my newly sculpted body, I’ve never had so many complements and gotten so much attention from complete strangers. Thank you so much, Brant, for loving what you do and for being an outstanding coach, trainer, and friend.”  --Jodie M., CEO, B&B Products

Sean W. won a month’s worth of training with TrainHardCore by placing the winning bid in a silent auction held at “A Culinary Evening with the California Winemasters.”  All monies from this benefit, held annually at the back lot of Paramount Studios, went directly to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Sean W“I am impressed by the time Brant puts into our workouts.  He gives his undivided attention and makes sure that my body is getting the most out of every movement.  I’ve lost ten pounds in a month, and my body is well on its way from a pear shape to a V-shape.  Working out with Brant is truly an investment in your body, your self-confidence, and your health.”  --Sean W., Lexus Sales Analyst

Kevin S“I’ve learned so much about proper form and technique.  While other trainers seem to be on autopilot, Brant pays close attention.  His subtle and insightful calibrations have not only helped me to avoid injury, but they seem to be mindfully tailored to support my specific goals.  His enthusiasm and sense of humor are pervasive and inspiring.  I look forward to every workout!”    --Kevin S., Manufacturing Engineer, The Boeing Company

Lito P“I’m very much impressed by Brant’s knowledge, passion and dedication to health and fitness.  Brant tailor-makes my workout routines and meal planning based on my personal goals and needs.  He’s an excellent trainer, and I have highly recommended him to my friends who have noticed my amazing transformation.  Once you hear him say ‘Activate your core,’ you’re hooked!”     --Lito P., Staffing Consultant, Shopzilla.com


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